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Diverse life experiences across three continents

On her third album, RWA (The Essence), Malika Zarra masterfully weaves together the intricate and diverse threads of her musical odyssey.Throughout RWA, the sound is immaculate and richly layered, while the rhythms are infectious.

Zarra’s vocal delivery is both playful and urgent, as exemplified in “Feen,” which features complex and funky beats crafted by seasoned musicians. Even in concise tracks like “Ouhelt” and “Dreamer,” there is compositional depth and a sense of story development. “La!” demonstrates Zarra’s remarkable range, imagination, and focus, as evidenced by the rhythmic drive and precision, while “Loukt” displays her adroit execution of transitions. Malika Zarra’s album, RWA, tells the story of her diverse life experiences across three continents, with the help of musicians from ten countries. The album explores the African proverb of gaining intelligence from traveling to multiple villages, and challenges the world’s borders that restrict human movement.

- Angel Romero


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