Brussels Belgium - w/ Folkah

Sat, 02/03/2018 - 6pm - 8pm

Brussels Belgium

Kaai Theater

Folkah! was born of the desire to bring two female artists around an ancestral dance from the Sahara: the Guedra. For this project a corporal and vocal language was developed that revisits the context, words and gestures of the Guedra, to invent a new frame of dialogue between body and voice. Starting from the structural elements of this dance full of with stories and meanings – attitudes, signs, codes, light, temporality – Folkah explores possible breaks and deconstructions in order to develop the kind of extensions and excesses that are typical for a contemporary choreographic practice. 

This performance is a unique collaboration between creator of the dance workshop Espace Darja, choreographer and dancer Meryem Jazouli – and the famous composer, producer and jazz singer Malika Zarra.